SARS-CoV-2 and the Pathological vs Physiological Distinction

[WORK IN PROGRESS] See this important disclaimer about my utter lack of credentials: (TODO link) At a Glance The mere presence of a virus or a bacteria is not an indicator of disease Ex: Everyone has C. Acnes on their skin, but only some people develop Acne Vulgaris (“acne”) Along the same lines as the above, we must always distinction between a pathological state and a physiological one Asymptomatic COVID-19 is an oxymoron because it’s not a disease and it’s barely infectious COVID-19 is commonly diagnosed through PCR tests, but we have to apply the pathological vs physiological distinction here! [Read More]

The Case For Ending Lockdown

Introduction [DISCLAIMER: The original author is a layperson without medical/scientific credentials and this post represents a best-effort attempt to synthesize relevant research and unpack the policy implications of the “lockdown” approach as compared with the proposed alternative.] [Note: See the very last section, ”(The End) Help us improve this review”, for how you can contribute. Here’s where you can submit suggestions or identify issues.] The following lays out what we now know about the Coronavirus epidemic, and upon review of the evidence concludes that the unprecedented policy of “lockdown” runs the risk of resulting in far more mortality than the best alternative. [Read More]